Uncut Funk!: Parliament Funkadelic

December 23, 2021

For over 30 years, countless Artists, Musicians, and Producers have been influenced, driven, enlightened, propelled, supported, compensated financially, and enhanced by the creative, unorthodoxed, funkdefied sound of this mega-group. Here everyone, is the history of the P!

P-Funk to all you maggot brains!

Those knowing Parliament Funkadelic, understand what is meant by that phrase; maggot brain… as well as the names like Starchild, Sir Nose and what a bop-gun is…

This epic Funkography was released in 2005, and was only broadcast on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station), in the U.S., a few times that year. However, this was the Writer’s and Director’s goal. To have the public educated, through an educational channel, on the history of the P, Parliament Funkadelic and George Clinton.

It’s all good… And, after inhaling this in-depth well rolled hydroponic funkdefied joint, you will now have your license to the mothership connection. All aboard!

A Brazen Hussy Production, Inc.
*Written and Directed By: Yvonne Smith
*Produced By: Harlene Freezer
*Voice of Animated Character / Narrator: Eddie Griffin
*Released to the public: 2005