Tokyo 2D Cafe

September 2, 2022

In a-ha’s 1985 music video for Take on Me, the lead singer walks through a 2D drawing that eventually becomes three-dimensional. The video was revolutionary at the time and continues to inspire. One look at Tokyo’s 2D Cafe and one can’t help but think of the iconic video. Located in the Shin Okubo neighborhood, this cute cafe looks like a page from a manga.
The clever black-and-white interior appears as a flat drawing, so patrons can sip their drinks in a piece of art come to life. The three-dimensional tables and chairs are outlined in what looks like sketch strokes and blend perfectly with other elements, like the curtains, that are actually flat.
While Tokyo’s 2D Cafe opened in 2019, it’s gained renewed interest after auki999 published new photos to Twitter. People were blown away by the charm of the space and the incredible illusion. This isn’t the only location, as there are similar concepts in South Korea, Russia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
As you can imagine, the cafe is quite popular with Instagrammers and YouTubers who are looking to document unique experiences. And, of course, while there, they enjoy the teas, coffee, and decadent shaved iced desserts featured on the menu. Luckily, those offerings are definitely in three dimensions and, from what we can see, quite delicious.
h/t: [SoraNews24]
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