September 4, 2022

Spider-Gwen is a fan-favorite version of Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacy character, and now in a new piece of fan art, she’s been given a manga-style upgrade!
In Marvel’s multiverse known as the Spider-VerseSpider-Gwen is a popular doppelgänger of Gwen Stacy’s, and now in a new fan art video, she gets a manga makeover that fans didn’t even know they wanted! Spider-Gwen already has a wildly unique look, but adding some manga influences to this Spider-Man character has made her come across even more badass than usual.
Posted on Instagram by username @mckieey, this digital artist known as Møhít is an up-and-coming creative talent specializing in manga and anime-tinged content. Not only capable of illustrating heroes from Marvel Comics, Møhít is an artist that also dabbles in drawing other pop culture icons such as Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, popular characters from the Naruto series, epic battles from Attack on Titan, and even some original subject matter drawn in Møhít’s signature art style.
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Choosing to tackle the Marvel hero known as Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider aka Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, Møhít proves they know what makes this character tick. Presented in all of her high-flying and acrobatic glory, the final image sees Spider-Gwen soaring through the air in a split pose as she pulls on her webs and smiles into the distance; her Spider-Man-esque mask and hood pulled away to no doubt enjoy the wind whipping into her face.
But that’s not all. Giving fans a double dose of artistic ingenuity, Møhít’s Spider-Gwen post acts as a finished piece for fans to ogle over yet is also part of a time-lapse video of Møhít physically drawing said piece as well. Backed by a slowed-down, chilled-out version of the original Spider-Man theme, the video depicts Møhít carefully sketching Spider-Gwen from a blank page to fully developed art right before fans’ eyes.
A character that’s sprung from the depths of the multiverse to find popularity and fame in multiple solo series as well as integral roles in various Spider-Verse-related stories, the fact that Møhít had the thought to turn Spider-Gwen into a piece of manga art makes total sense considering on some random alternate Earth, Spider-Gwen might very well look like this for real! Throw in the fact that the manga art style looks perfect on Spider-Gwen, and it’s clear Marvel needs to get the jump on making a manga starring this Spider-Man mainstay as soon as possible.
Spider-Gwen is a character fans know and love, so why not add a manga flair to her already-iconic look? Møhít must have gotten the memo because after watching this manga-inspired video of Spider-Gwen come to life, it’s only a matter of time before fans are clamoring for more Marvel characters drawn in this unique art style that only Møhít can provide.
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