Mural by Mr Cenz

September 1, 2022

London based graffiti artist Mr Cenz just worked on a mural for London Mural Festival that is taking place this September 2020. The breathtaking wall is located on Selhurst Park Stadium – home of the Crystal Palace Football Club. According to Mr Cenz it was an honour to create something special in an area close to his heart and with strong personal connections.

Mr Cenz has been scribbling on surfaces since 1988 when he first discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti art. His distinctive work can currently be seen all over the streets of the world, especially in his hometown of London. It features layers of intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work, which are abstracted in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. His style is full of funk and movement and fuses different skills together such as photorealism, illustration and graffiti letterforms. His work is open to individual interpretation and has been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”.
Check out below for more photos of his work.