US Capitol riot 'podium guy' Adam Johnson gets 75 days in prison – BBC

August 30, 2022

A Florida resident photographed during the Capitol riots with a podium bearing the Speaker of the House seal has been sentenced to 75 days in prison.
Adam Johnson, 37, dubbed "Podium Guy" by social media users in the wake of the riot, was also fined $5,000 (£3,725).
In November, Johnson pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building.
Federal prosecutors had asked for a 90-day sentence.
Judge Reggie Walton questioned how he could be "a good role model" to his five children, according to NBC News.
He said Johnson had made "a mockery" of the day's events, which he likened to those seen in a "banana republic".
"We're on a dangerous slide in America," the judge warned.
Johnson had travelled to Washington DC from Tampa, Florida on 5 January, a day before the riot.
He was photographed carrying the lectern used by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and posing in front of a painting depicting the surrender of British General John Burgoyne in the American Revolutionary War.
According to court documents, he believed the podium "would make a good prop for a picture".
Johnson also admitted he told other rioters that a nearby bust of George Washington would make for "a great battering ram" if needed.
He is said to have spent about half an hour inside the building.
Johnson later deleted his Facebook account as well as photos and videos from inside the building.
Days after the breach, he was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and theft of government property. Some of those charges against him were dropped late last year by prosecutors in exchange for his guilty plea.
The stay-at-home father has said he "deeply regrets his participation" in the Capitol breach.
He told the court on Friday that he had no intent to harm Speaker Pelosi that day.
"If I did find her, I would ask for a selfie with her, if anything," he said, according to US media.
More than 740 people have been arrested since the attack last year. Most have been charged with misdemeanours but at least 40 have received prison sentences.
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