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Check out what things fascinate, intrigue and simply amaze me – i hope you too find some of these stories interesting. Find updates for my music and videos on my BLOG page.

The comic this is based on, Reginald Hudlin's "Black Panther" continued for years and is Marvel's best selling Black Panther series in the characters over forty year history! The trade paperbacks are still printed.Read more
The story also depicts the Asgardian trickster deity Loki, manipulating Osborn into leading an all-out assault to overthrow Asgard. The events in "Siege" lead to the subsequent company-wide storyline, "Heroic Age". Read more
March 21, 1960 Olympia Theatre, Paris, France Miles Davis Quintet: Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); Wynton Kelly (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d) 1st set All of You (C. Porter) So What (M. Davis) On Green Dolphin Street (N. Washington-B. Kaper) 2nd set Walkin' (R. Carpenter) Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon) 'Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) Oleo (S. Rollins) The Theme (M. Davis) Read more
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